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If you're wondering whether we work with people in your situation, the answer is yes.

All the providers we suggest are hand-picked and vetted to make sure that they can give you the same high-quality service that we do. No matter what your industry, day rate or personal circumstances our job is to source options that are tailored to you.

Accountancy Practices

Meet the people who can increase your returns with clever tax planning

A decent accountant can help you manage your taxes. An excellent accountant will find ways to let you keep more of your hard-earned money – and these are the people we work with. Every accountancy practice that ContractingWISE recommends is run by experts who excel in tax planning to make sure your returns are as high as they can possibly be.

Our partner companies are up to date on all the latest tax legislation and HMRC rule changes so you won’t get caught out. We negotiate the best rates which means you don’t have to, and every provider has to meet our rigorous due diligence standards. Some of our partners don’t advertise on the open market – so get in touch to find out just how much ContractingWISE can do for you.

Umbrella Companies

Get the best rates for the best service to make your contract run like clockwork

Choosing a reliable umbrella company that will chase payments, track your expenses and manage your contract is tough. So many companies, so many choices – so let ContractingWISE take the strain. We only work with the best umbrella companies whose staff are up-to-date on all the latest legislation and tax changes. If they’ve passed our due diligence tests, then they are good to go.

With umbrella companies, service is king and we continually monitor our partners to make sure they maintain the highest standards. Because we provide them with so many customers, you’ll get the best rates and returns on your contracts too. And some of our partners will only work with you because you’re recommended by ContractingWISE. Contact us to find out your options today.

Recruitment Agencies

We’ll introduce you to the agents who will find your next big contract

Even when you’re in demand, finding the next contract can seem like a full-time job. So building relationships with the most professional recruiters is vital – and an introduction from ContractingWISE can push your name up the list. We only work with the best recruitment agencies and a recommendation from us can open doors that you’ve been pushing on for months.

Working with our partners means working with people who are experts in their field and our recruitment agencies are all up-to-date with the latest employment legislation. With our stringent due diligence and continuous monitoring of partners, you can be sure to get a first class service. Find out what your contracting future has in store by contacting us now.

Tax Compliance Consultants

Keeping HMRC at bay is simple when you have our tax experts on your side

Tax inspections, compliance errors and IR35 investigations will give even the calmest contractor some sleepless nights. But prevention is better than cure: the tax compliance consultants that ContractingWISE works with will do everything possible to ensure the taxman doesn’t come knocking.

Our partners know HMRC rules better than HMRC itself – they can anticipate and head off any problems before they arise. We listen carefully to your situation before we recommend anyone, and we assess all our tax partners on an ongoing basis to make sure they meet our exacting standards. With our specially-negotiated rates, you’ll be getting a great deal too.

Insurance Companies

Find the right cover for your contract with our handpicked insurance brokers

Navigating the insurance requirements of your contract can be daunting. Public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, personal accident cover, life insurance – do you need them or not? Our insurance partners can help you answer the question “What insurance do I need as a contractor?” They are experts in every type of insurance you might need.

There’s no need to worry about rates – ContractingWISE has negotiated the best deals for our contractors already. And with some products not available on the open market, our brokers can find ways of saving you money. All of them are high-quality professional organisations who have passed our due diligence tests and we’ll make sure that you’re getting the same gold-plated service year after year.

Buy to Let Financing

Meet the people who can help you fund your Buy to Let property

If being a landlord is something that you see in your future but as a contractor you don’t think you would be able to get the finance, then we have a team that could help you.  Our team of specialist debt brokers work with an extensive panel of lenders and can optimise their network of trusted contacts to broaden your options.

Whether it’s your first foray into being a landlord, or you want to add another property to your portfolio then our specialist team will help you to find the best deals around, some of which may not be on the open market.  The team are experts at all other aspects of finance as well if you need it.  Find out what may be available to you by contacting us today.

Mortgage Brokers

Yes you can buy your dream house with the help of the best mortgage advisors around

Finding a mortgage that’s good value is hard enough for any contractor – jumping through the lender’s hoops can be exhausting. With banks and building societies seemingly looking for any excuse to turn down business, it’s more important than ever to find an ally to help you through the process. Turning to ContractingWISE was your best decision yet.

Our skilful mortgage brokers know the market so well that they can tell you which lender to apply to and they’ll find the best deals around. And because you’ve come through ContractingWISE we’ve already negotiated some fantastic rates. All our partners have passed rigorous due diligence and some of them don’t advertise on the open market. Open up your options – contact us now.

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