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Contracting in the Oil & Gas sector

Save your energy and leave admin with us

Oil and gas contract rates aren’t what they were, so it’s vitally important to maximise your income by reducing your tax liabilities where possible. The complexity of tax law is something that our experienced partners can assist you with so you can benefit from trusted, knowledgeable and up to date tax advice when you work with us.


The volatile world of energy can be a challenging environment to work in. But fluctuations in oil prices and pressure on energy suppliers don’t mean that oil and gas contractors need to feel the strain.


At ContractingWISE, we understand the demands of working as an oil and gas contractor. Our long experience of working with oil and gas contractors means we can help you access all the advice you need to keep your take home pay at a comfortable level.


Working offshore means finding insurance that is right for your role and your location. Contacting ContractingWISE will help you navigate this complicated area. Not only will we find you the right broker, but we’ll continue to work with you beyond the first meeting to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.


Getting the best oil and gas contractor rates is never easy but with our free resources and helpful staff, you’ll get access to lots of advice to help you make the best choices. When it comes to managing your business affairs, ContractingWISE will give you a platform to make your contracting career grow.

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Our advisers have access to the freshest industry insight on current contracting issues and solutions. Contractors can save time on research and decision making as we deliver recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

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We are an established knowledge base for contractors and we work with the best-in-class suppliers. Through our experience and knowledge of the contracting market, we only suggest relevant products and services for your needs.

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Past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. With ContractingWISE, we only recommend products and services from top performing contracting service suppliers. Additionally, all of our partners are subject to due diligence checks.

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We select partner companies such as agencies, tax consultants, insurance companies and mortgage brokers that can’t be found on the open market. Our wider choice of service providers is unmatched.

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Get in the know with regularly published articles and help guides on the website. Any question you have can be answered by our open and approachable consultants. We ensure that our advice is in-line with the most up to date information on contracting.

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Our advice is completely free. Solutions delivered by our approachable advisers are not driven by making a sale. They are entrusted to act with integrity and honesty, which are the core values of ContractingWISE.

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